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Clinic-tested and client-proven since 2005.

From CEOs to tech bros to Berkeley grads to drummers in a funk band, all skin types and stripes have come through our clinic. Believing that informed self-care is the surest path to healthy skin, our licensed estheticians have educated and assisted thousands from around the Bay Area to eliminate acne, remove redness, slow down aging, and prevent environmental damage.

That experience infuses every product we create, guiding our skin-optimized, twice-a-day routine: once when you get up, and when you wind down: that’s why we’ve changed our name from Studio Abasi to Seven:Thirty. Get it? Want to learn more about our services? They are listed below.

Located near UC Berkeley, and just 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco. We are located at 2037 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. (510) 665-5544

11:30 AM

Refill your water bottle, because hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.




Consultation + First Acne Treatment
This is where the journey to clear skin and confidence begins! Our goal is to learn all we can about your skin, your experiences with products, treatments, and your lifestyle. Once we make a skin analysis, and gather the pertinent information, we will perform your first acne facial treatment. We will create a home-care kit with instructions of Seven:Thirty products chosen specifically for your skin type, grade of acne, and lifestyle. We are all about progress, and offer Seven:Thirty product skincare support in between appointments via email. *Note: The acne treatment program is strictly for those who use our entire Seven:Thirty Acne product kit. If you want more information, please reach out. 

Client Consultation a la Carte (In Office)

Phone/Virtual Consultation
Your skincare goals are important to us, and a consultation is the first step in creating an effective treatment plan for your skin. We can address various skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and aging skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. We will perform a skin analysis (local clients), discuss your intake form, and look at your current regimen, lifestyle, medical history, diet, and skincare goals. Once we’ve ascertained all the pertinent information, we can make product and professional service recommendations.  For virtual video or phone appointments, please send us an email with clear pictures of your skin 48 hours before your appointment.


Acne Facial Treatment  

Acne Facial Treatment (with Shannon - founder and formulator)
We tailor each treatment based on our analysis of your skin at the time of the appointment. Depending on your skin's hydration levels, sensitivities, grade of acne, and social life, we may perform any number of modalities such as a gentle enzyme treatment, a mild chemical peel, or a hydrating treatment using ultrasound technology, extractions, or cold therapy to reduce inflammation. We use professional products formulated in FDA-approved labs specifically for our clinic and the Seven:Thirty brand. Your appointment ends with updated product home-care instructions, unlimited email support between treatments, and a little more confidence!

Acne Facial Treatment with LED Light Therapy
Our professional LED light panel in blue mode is an effective tool for post-acne treatment at killing the P. acne bacteria and reducing inflammation. Our clients report faster healing after an acne treatment, a reduction in pustular lesions, and a lightening of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Based on scientific research pioneered by NASA – LED therapy has many benefits when conducted with a professional strength quality device. It's an incredibly effective treatment that also works well for aging skin by reducing fine lines, and hyperpigmentation, and plumps the skin by increasing collagen. This device does not emit UV rays and is approved by the FDA to treat the skin.


Back Facial
A popular service on our menu due to the flexibility and customization we provide to address a wide range of issues that affect the skin on the back. Once we determine the best course of action, our estheticians have the option to perform a combination of treatments to deliver the best possible outcome. Among the range of modalities and treatment options, such as an O2 oxygen mask formulated in Korea, professional-grade LED light therapy devices, professional strength High-Frequency devices, Ultrasound technology, and mild to moderate chemical peels, or gentle enzyme treatments.

Acne Back Facial
This treatment is specific to acne. It includes an assessment of your skin, a deep cleanse, extractions if needed, professional grade LED light therapy, High-Frequency, chemical treatment, or mild enzyme, application of a soothing and healing hydrating serum that reduces inflammation, topical antimicrobial acne medications, and a calming moisturizer. Home care instructions will be provided.


The Custom Facial
The beauty of this facial is it's about real-life skincare goals. We start all of our facials with a conversation about your skin concerns and customize the use of professional products and treatment modalities for your specific skin type, skin tone, and any skin challenges you may face. This facial is ideal for clients who have rosacea, occasional mild breakouts, pigmentation issues, or if you want to get your glow back, we've got you! 

Hydrating Facial
This treatment soothes and calms dehydrated skin while accelerating the healing process. We use gentle products that contain hydrating ingredients such as Mushroom Extract, Beta Glucan (20% more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid), and Marigold which protects the skin from environmental factors. All of our products are custom-formulated for the Seven:Thirty brand, to help soothe, calm, and hydrate the skin. We also use ultrasound technology to improve product penetration on the skin, and professional-grade LED therapy device to reduce inflammation. We finish the treatment with a Chaga Moisturizer formulated in partnership with a lab in Korea to help heal the skin's lipid barrier.

Non-invasive CO2 Facial Treatment
The CO2 Oxygen facial treatment addresses several skin concerns including:

  • Reduction of inflammation and redness for those who have rosacea, or acne.
  • Noticeably brightens the skin.
  • Improves lymph drainage. 
  • Accelerates skin metabolism.
  • Lifting effects.

Seven:Thirty Age Management Facial
This is our most requested facial treatment for both corrective and preventative age management. It’s more technology-driven than our Custom Facial, using modalities to brighten and tighten your skin such as microcurrent, ultrasound technology, a specialty high-frequency device for fine lines and pigmentation, and medical-grade LED light panels to stimulate collagen production. Our treatment serums are formulated in FDA-approved labs in collaboration with our founder and formulator, Shannon Carter Gascon. A mild chemical treatment with no downtime is optional at no additional cost.


LED Light Therapy Treatment
We use a professional-grade LED Light therapy device used in medispas and doctor's offices to address pigmentation, acne, inflammation, and loss of elasticity.

Also includes a gentle organic flower grain scrub.

Lite Chemical Peel with no Downtime
A lite chemical treatment to refresh and smooth the skin. Not appropriate for dry skin, eczema-prone skin, and active cold sores. Do not book if you have an outdoor activity within 7 days.

O2 Oxygen treatment
Excellent for Rosacea, acne, and skin brightening.

Chest Facial Treatment
Addresses acne, rosacea, and pigmentation concerns.


LED Light Therapy ala cart

Prepaid package of 6 treatment sessions
FDA approved to address acne-prone skin, improve the appearance of fine lines, and pigmentation, and stimulate collagen production. We thoroughly cleanse the skin, choose the appropriate LED setting for your specific skin issue, apply hydrating products using ultrasound technology for better penetration, and finish with sunscreen.


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Sensitive skin

“Definitely recommend if you have sensitive or trouble skin.”

I love visiting Studio Abasi [now 7:30]. My skin always feels wonderful after my visits. My skin is really finicky, but responds really well to their products. I definitely recommend if you have sensitive or trouble skin.

Kaci M.         

Silver Springs, MD



“Thank you so much for giving me back my beautiful skin and helping me feel more confident!!!”

The products recommended to me at Studio Abasi [now 7:30] have changed my skin drastically. From constant breakouts to constant clear, glowing skin, thanks to their products, I am beyond happy with my skin. I recommend everyone to go in for a consultation and use anything they recommend. Ever since using their products people are constantly telling me my skin looks amazing and asking what I did to bring this change. I did change other things such as diet and sleep, but the #1 thing that helped improved my skin was the skincare from here. Thank you so much for giving me back my beautiful skin and helping me feel more confident!!!

Stephanie W.      

 Los Angeles, CA



“I've been getting compliments on my skin!”

Love this place and their products! They help keep my skin looking fresh, healthy and smooth. Ever since I've been using their products, I have been getting compliments on my skin!

Karla M.         

Hayward, CA