Real-World Methods

Informed by our clients, formulated by our founder, produced by lab-certified chemists.

what our clients are saying



“My eczema has improved so much.”

I am loving the cream cleanser. My eczema has improved so much and I'm starting to try it as a shampoo since my scalp has not responded to anything else.

Julie T

Oakland, CA



“If only....”

Moderately severe acne plagued me since high school and [other products] never worked for me. I skipped junior and senior prom because I couldn't think about seeing how the photos would turn out. If I'd known about Studio Abasi [now 7:30], I'd probably have photos to look back on rather than regret.

James N.

San Jose, CA


Acne & Hyperpigmentation

“Nowhere near how my skin looked before.”

My skin has cleared up so much and it's only been about 3 months! I also had to make some sacrifices to my diet but it's definitely worth it. I get 1-2 breakouts every so often but it's nowhere near how my skin looked before. The main issue I have now is that I have some pigmentation/scarring but I am certain that they will soon fade as I continue using the products and stay away from dairy.

Lani C.

Oakland, CA