What Is Double Cleansing & Should I try It?

What Is Double Cleansing & Should I try It?

Double cleansing dates back to the 14th century in Asia, where performers would remove heavy stage makeup with oil first, and then soap. 

While we’ve gotten away from the caked faces of eras gone by, many of us still indulge in makeup on the daily. When you’re rocking a full face, the double cleansing method still has its place in today’s skincare culture. More people are discovering that every day and adopting a double cleanse to target many skin concerns.

If you want healthy, glowing skin, then your first step is brushing up on the ins and outs. A double cleansing routine isn’t for everyone, and you’ll get more mileage out of this practice if you know how to do it right.


In its stunningly simple form, you wash your face twice. But is there more to it? As with most matters in life, the answer is yes

“Double cleansing” doesn’t mean lathering soap on your face two times in a row and rinsing it off, expecting your skin to shine. It’s all about what you use. The goal of the double cleansing method is to use two distinctly different facial cleansers to achieve an unbeatable level of clean, all without stripping the moisture from your face.

The two stages of double cleansing may change depending on your skincare needs and goals, but a typical example may look something like this:


This is your heavy-duty cleanser meant to tackle the grease and grime of the day. A good oil cleanser can help break up and wash off your stubborn makeup, too. This lets you skip traditional makeup removers, which are often astringent and harsh on your face. Cleansing balms are a great option if you plan to use your first cleanser as a makeup remover. 


This second cleanser—often water-based—helps you achieve that all-over fresh and clean feeling. It takes care of any remaining impurities, dirt, and excess natural oils, along with any traces of your oil-based cleanser that might be left behind. Gel and foaming cleansers are the most popular water-based cleansers for this step. 


You don’t necessarily have to use oil cleansers or water-based cleansers; just use the lighter, gentle cleanser for your second cleanse. Before you pick your products, read up on the four types of cleansers.


When you double cleanse correctly, your skin can reap benefits that make those few extra seconds more than worth your time.


A clean face is a healthy face, and a good second cleanse can penetrate deep into the skin and prevent clogged pores, clearing away any sebum, dirt, and stubborn makeup.


Skin porosity, health, and cleanliness all affect the levels and speeds that your products absorb into your skin. With clean, open pores, your subsequent products will be that much more effective in tackling your skin concerns.


Double cleansing helps you maintain the delicate balancing act of skincare. You can strip away dirt and grime without damaging your skin barrier, retaining healthy levels of moisture and hydration for dewy, bouncy skin.


Have you been combating excessive oil and want to try out a new potential solution? Do you wear waterproof sunscreen or makeup during the day? Does your acne-prone skin get clogged 

pores easily and you suspect an improper clean is to blame? Are you a skincare enthusiast who’s simply curious about the buzz surrounding double cleansing? If so, give it a shot. It’s an easy, stress-free step to add to your routine.

From oily skin, to acne-prone skin, to combination skin, double cleansing is a good starting method to bet on when dealing with excess oil, debris and makeup buildup, or any impurity before you seek help in post-cleanse products, like a hydrating serum or a peptide moisturizer


The most significant benefits of double cleansing apply to those who know how to do it well. That being said, it’s a straightforward process, with just a few little tips to really maximize that starry glow:

  • Do your double cleanse at night rather than in the morning. You can use thick, deeply moisturizing products and oils, sealing in the benefits of your ultra-clean skin.
  • Massage your oil-based cleanser, balm, or cream into dry skin, lifting any makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, and oil away. Use lukewarm water to remove the product and debris, and don’t worry about remnants.
  • After your first rinse, use your gentler, second cleanser to finish up. Massage it into damp skin and rinse with lukewarm water before lightly patting your face dry with a clean towel. 
  • Apply the rest of your products as you normally would.

Check out our guide on how to how to double cleanse for a more full-fledged rundown of the process. 


Double cleansing is wonderful for some, but is it right for everyone? It’s certainly not a do-or-die matter. In fact, some experts believe you should focus on applying more sunscreen rather than cleaning your face twice. 

So, what considerations might tip the scales away from the double cleanse?


The benefits of double cleansing can depend on your skin type. You might want to avoid double cleansing if you have overly dry skin or extremely sensitive skin. If you have skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, stick to the routine that already works for you.


If you wash your face too often or use products that are too strong for your skin type, you may disrupt your natural oil levels and strip away the skin barrier, inciting sensitive skin rather than tackling it. This can destroy any potential benefits of double cleansing, so make sure you’re using products that suit your skin and not going overboard. Listen to your skin, if it doesn’t like a double cleanse, don’t do it!


If you’re ready to try the double cleansing trend and see what all the hype is about, then all that’s left is picking the right products. When you start with high-quality ingredients, you’re already ahead of the game.

At Seven:Thirty, we make products designed to help you reach your skin goals. Our quality ingredients are gentle on your skin and tough on dirt, sebum, and makeup, making them an easy choice for a first-time double cleansing routine. 

To start your routine, try our BALANCE Cream Cleanser. The luxe formula leaves your skin soft and hydrated, all while eradicating any grime built up over the day. Follow it up with our GENTLE Gel Cleanser, a soothing and refreshing way to rinse your pores and leave your face sparkling.

We’ll be with you every step of the way as you build your skincare routine and pave the way to a new clean.




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